PROGRESS - PROgram for GRowing Enterprises & Scaling Startups

The Acceleration program of INSPIRE i.e. PROGRESS is a short-term cohort based growth program. It support startups who are looking to expand their startup market size or revenue with seed funding. We help the startups with Pre -Seed Capital, Seed Funding and Series ‘A’ funding. We also give them our expert consultation to validate their hypothesis and formulate growth strategies.

PROGRESS is a three-month accelerator program that offers young entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to grow their business ventures. This accelerator program is specially tailored to the essential and unique needs of startups. With our program, you get access to the best industry mentors, experts, business incubators and corporate partners. This will help your venture grow and move to the next level of development.

We invite investible ideas and technology-backed startups (pre-seed, seed, and growth stage) to offer solutions to new era problems

What’s in it for you:

Market Validation

Qualifying for this program means that your idea is impactfully relevant and aligns with the market trends and innovation needs. This program could provide your startup pilot opportunities with our corporate partners.​


As a part of our program, some investible startups can get funding of up to 20 lacs. Startups can also get funding through co-investments from our investment partners.


Our incubation centre has a vast network of industry experts, leaders, investors, mentors, and domain experts. Startup accelerator gives a unique opportunity to learn and grow with experts who have experienced similar journeys in the past and have come through failures and success. You will get a chance to work and connect with other startup founders who will share their challenges and experiences. This program opens the door for a great learning experience.

Incubation Support

IIMBG INSPIRE provides funding, a co-working space that meets all the needs of your startup and facilities that are at par with the country’s top institutions. We support startups in every possible way, from business mentoring, technical support, equipment support, and legal and financial support.