PREPARE - PRE Incubation Program for Aspiring & Rising Entrepreneurs​


PREPARE or PRE-Incubation Program for Aspiring & Rising Entrepreneurs is for ambitious and innovative minds who want to create successful startups, keep in touch with the best global business practices, and create a profitable business.

Our intensive 4 months or 16 weeks program offers expertise on entrepreneurship. Upon graduation, the startups will receive a certificate, and some of the best successful startups will be taken in for long-term incubation at INSPIRE incubation center for one year. Through PREPARE, we provide startups with some of the best training programs, expert support, coaching, mentoring, consultations and workshops. Aspiring young entrepreneurs can use this platform to turn their ideas into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We provide guidance through the best industry experts who will guide the startups and help them create a successful business.

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with IIMBG INSPIRE’s pre-incubation program, which is a one its kind. This 2-month intensive training program designed uniquely to offer a deep learning experience, and support to investible and innovative young startups. Through our program, ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative startup ideas can elevate and transform their business ideas into a minimum viable product.

We are looking for young startups with innovative ideas that can add value to the world around us.

Incubation Centre services to Support Startup in Bihar

About the Journey

During the journey of this two-month program, entrepreneurs get extensive business mentorship, training, coaching, and insights from the best industry mentors and experts who have been on similar journeys in the past. Our mentors hold expertise in diverse domains to help young startups learn everything that is essential for a business idea to convert itself into a successful prototype. We offer live workshops for entrepreneurs to help them work on and polish their ideas. Our mentors are available to address doubts, problems, and guide through the entire process. Startups receive constant support to build their startup from the base to top.

Our mentors provide with detailed feedback to help you learn and work on the loopholes. You get a chance to be a part of  a community of like minded people and learn through their experiences in a collaborative environment. The course is divided into modules that help startup ideas to be transformed into functional prototypes by then end of this course. On completion of the program you receive a certificate of participation and successful completion. Some selected startups get a chance to be a part of IIMG INSPIRE’s incubation program and a chance to receive seed funding for their startup investment.