INSPIRE has a pool of Mentors which includes SMEs, Investors, Corporate and Industry leaders


Every great idea requires experience, insight and expertise to put it into action. Nothing beats the experience and knowledge sharing from experienced people in respective domains is always helpful.

At INSPIRE, the start-up mentors share their learnings from failures in the past, domain knowledge and provide deep insights into the reality of the market to help the start-up move in the right direction. We are continuously onboarding Mentors to support our portfolio start-ups. 

We at INSPIRE provide overall mentoring to the start-ups we onboard. Our mentoring program will help you plan and structure your start-up in the best possible way and provide you with valuable guidance and resources to create a robust foundation for your start-up. Our mentors will provide their insights, domain knowledge, and learnings from their experiences and past failures. 

Our mentorship program includes,

  • Proof of concept (POC)/Minimum Viable Product (MVP)/Prototype/Product development
  • Business Plan development
  • Planning and optimising your budget
  • Defining and creating unique marketing and sales strategy
  • Planning the workforce requirements
  • Streamlining your finances
  • Preparing Investor pitch
  • Optimising other business functions like strategy, operations, policy and agreement formulation, etc