Social Innovation Challenge 2023


An INSPIRE TECHATHON 2023 is an event that fosters innovation intended mainly for technology development and  planned to identify existing challenges and for which tech solutions are proposed to solve the business problems and social issues. The INSPIRE TECHATHON 2023 is designed to not only help solve problems and also it is a typically a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate in teams to build proofs of concept or minimum viable products for a specific pre-defined problem. It is a time bound event in which teams made up of both technical and business knowledge get together to collaborate intensively on projects.The aim is to design, build and present a most innovative solution to a problem, and then pitch a final concept, prototype or presentation to the jury.Over a period of 48 hours, Individual Innovators or Startups, a team of maximum 4 members are asked to HACK probable solutions to a series of given social challenges. As a result it  enables a connection and conversation between our rural and urban communities that accelerates innovations, brings solutions for business problems , remedies for social causes and build potential startups.

Problem Statement

Soil , Disease & Pest and Water Management

Problem Statement

Managing & Monitoring  the soil fertility, rate of water, crop growth, pest & diseases, macro & micro-nutrients etc. using IoT, AI & ML and applications of sensors.

Description of Problem Statement

The Technology to monitor and report the health of soils to avoid and reduce risk of soil erosion ,that reduces the economic impact of plant diseases and pests by improving farmer’s ability to quickly and accurately diagnose and respond to plants /trees/vines with disease and pest issues and the technology can help to improve efficiency of water usage in agriculture and finds application in open farms, green houses, gardening and research and agricultural labs. It can help with guidance about ways to optimize water usage as per the requirement of crop and soil (Crops, flower, fruits). In case of limited water resources, the farmers can detect and limit watering to only at critical phases of the crop cycle thus not affecting overall yield.

Expected Solution

Development of indigenous systems to track the water, soil fertility, crop growth etc.

E- Market for FPOs

Problem Statement

Designing a E- Market through a digital platform for empowering the Farmer Producer Organization produces.

Description of Problem Statement

An FPO plays a significant role in mobilizing individual farmers under a structured system of their own to ensure better income and an enhanced livelihood for themselves as a result of economies of scale. However, FPOs are facing several challenges for their sustainability. Important Challenges faced by FPOs are.

1.Limited or no access to market information and retail markets

2. No access to modern technology for processing of agri-products for value addition

3. Lack of awareness to leverage technology where available

4.Limited access to finance.

5.The lack of administrative capacity resulting in poor management of books of accounts leading to issues with accountability and transparency.

6.Inadequate post-harvest infrastructure leading to wastage

Expected Solution

Digital/AI based Agri-technology solutions have to be innovated to strengthen FPOs, and help to resolve diverse challenges in relation to market linkages, access to financial services, internal management of members, and achieve higher farm productivity.

WoW Approach for Agri Waste through Value Addition 

Problem Statement

Value added products from Agri waste through waste to wealth Approach

Description of Problem Statement

Crop residue burning damages soil nutrients, organic quality of the soil, solubility capacity and micro-organisms in the upper layer and leads to environmental pollution and also adds the layer of impenetrable ash at the field level. Waste management is a burning problem that warrants a multi-directional approach. Not all types of Agricultural residues can be handled at one place or by a single agency. The quantity and volume of different types of waste generated also vary .

Expected Solution

Product through agri waste and Mobile application through proper collection and recycling.

1.Efficient and environmentally friendly products through agricultural waste through proper collection and recycling.

2.Efficient, low cost mechanisms to clear the crop residue and collect it from the farms, that are remunerative to the smallholder farmers.

3. Innovative and affordable technologies for best use of crop residues as an income source.

4.Energy efficient models of using crop residue for enhancing soil health or generating energy for productive use.


Problem Statement

How can technology be used to benefit local businesses for sustainable practices and encourage  tourists to access those  tourist places of India ?

Description of Problem Statement

How can tourists visiting an tourism destination learn about the regional importance  within that area?

What can local businesses do to become more sustainable, especially in relation to visitors and tourists?

How can locally produced products  get involved in tourism to help raise awareness of their sustainable products?

What barriers might be preventing or limiting consumers and tourists to explore ?

Expected Solution

Digital/AI based technology solutions have to be innovated to strengthen tourism in India  by means of connecting the transport ,hospitality and promoting regional products.

Sustainable Fashion

Problem Statement

Sustainable fashion is a fashion method that prioritizes the environment, social responsibility, and economic sustainability across a garment's entire lifespan. Sustainable fashion strives to leverage new technologies and techniques to decrease waste, save resources, and enhance working conditions in the fashion business

Description of Problem Statement

Fashion Technology which includes employing environmentally friendly materials, reducing water and energy use in manufacturing, and applying fair labour practices. Ultimately, sustainable fashion seeks to build a more responsible and ethical sector that helps people and the environment.

Expected Solution

To derive the process and product prototyping of sustainable fashion  which uses the technology in an efficient way .

Fitness & Sports 

Problem Statement

Technology-driven fitness as gameplay.

Description of Problem Statement

Objectives are

  1. Design and develop a mobile application for tracking the physical activity of each user.
  2. Develop a framework for providing credits/ points to each user based on their physical activity assuming each user will engage in different kinds of physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, callisthenics, functional training, weight training etc.
  3. The proposed application should integrate seamlessly with existing popular mobile applications available in the market
  4. Devise a mechanism to provide social recognition and rewards to the most physically active users through social media integration
  5. Create an online community of active users participating in different physical activities by adopting different techniques for user engagement and user retention on the platform.

Expected Solution

Digital developed platform for  physical well being by ease of access .

Blockchain Technology  In Agriculture  

Problem Statement

Blockchain technology for traceability of agri-produce from Farm to Fork

Description of Problem Statement

Blockchain technology can track the provenance of food and thus helps create trustworthy food supply chains and build trust between producers and consumers. As a trusted way of storing data, it facilitates using data-driven technologies to make farming smarter. In addition, jointly used with smart contracts, it allows timely payments between stakeholders that can be triggered by data changes appearing in the blockchain 

Expected Solution

The Software / Digitally enabled technology that traces the produce product from farm to consumer.


To provide a platform for Students/ Researchers/Innovators to come up with innovative solutions for key challenges and creating start-ups.

  • To identify and nurture the social innovations 
  • To highlight funding opportunities for scale up.
  • To organize competition events for students/ youths on viable solutions to the societal problems predominantly Agriculture , tourism, and physical well-being.
  • To identify innovations having applications in the rural sector which can provide value proposition addressing the key challenges.

Who can apply?

Individual Innovators or Startups, a team of maximum 4 members with knowledge, skills or an interest in: hardware & software engineering, computer science, agriculture, horticulture or tourism.

What will you get ?

Incubation & Mentoring at IIMBG INSPIRE

Access to Funding support

Opportunity to Pitch


Launch & Call for Applications

The call for applications will be launched on 15th June 2023

20 July
Application Deadline

INSPIRE TECHATHON Social Innovation Challenge 2023  invites participation from cross-sector innovators & ideators  across specific focus areas. These new ideas, efforts in progress, and innovations will be assessed for the next rounds leading up to the final INSPIRE TECHATHON .

Intimated Soon
Phase  1

 Virtual Presentation for team .

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Phase 2

For 2 days, we will create an immersive virtual/ Physically environment for participants to exclusively work on their ideas. From 1:1 mentoring sessions to spirited discussions, brainstorming, and conversations, the selected participants will have many opportunities to connect, learn, and work with our seasoned mentors.

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Phase 3 :Grand Finale

The shortlisted participants will present their final solution to tackle at the finale.
The resilient ideas will be awarded a cash prize along with support & recognition from the participating partners to move the concept towards action.

Why are INSPIRE TECHATHON Social Innovation Challenge 2023 important?

INSPIRE TECHATHON boosts networking opportunities, team spirit, entrepreneurship, innovation & creativity.



Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at INSPIRE TECHATHON'23?

INSPIRE TECHATHON'23  is a virtual event nurturing new ideas & innovations.

Do I need to pay any money to register for the INSPIRE TECHATHON'23?

No. You do not have to pay anything to anyone to register yourself for INSPIRE TECHATHON'23

Can my entry be disqualified for some reason?

  • Incomplete applications or applications with inaccurate information will automatically be disqualified. Make sure that you fill in all the fields accurately.
  • If any participant/ participating team is found violating the terms & conditions, they can be disqualified.

How much does it cost to attend the program?

No. In the case of multiple entries by an individual/ team, only the last submitted entry will be considered.

What are the exact dates of application submission and subsequent rounds?

Please click here to learn more about the Timelines

How will I know if my application is selected/ rejected?

All applicants will receive regular email communication from the Organizers throughout the event.

We’re already working on our idea and are running a startup. Are we eligible for this?

 Yes, INSPIRETECHATHON'23 is open to the idea stage, prototype, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and commercialized startups also. 

What kind of solutions/ ideas are you looking for?

We are looking for simple & effective innovations and also frugal solutions to a variety of problems under mentioned themes of INSPIRE TECHATHON'23.

Can solo founders/ individuals apply for INSPIRE TECHATHON'23?


How will you conduct the selection rounds and final pitching?

All the participants will submit their innovations through our online Registration Form. All the applicants will receive email communication regarding the selection or rejection of their application for the next round. All the details regarding the presentations, submissions, mentoring schedules, requirements and guidelines etc, will be communicated by the Organizers at every step of the event.

Who will review my application?

All the submitted applications will be carefully reviewed and assessed by our jury members, which include industry experts, academicians, educators, and other thought leaders.

What kind of mentorship support will we get during INSPIRE TECHATHON'23

All the selected participants/ teams will receive 1:1 mentoring & guidance from our esteemed mentors. These sessions will help you in refining your idea/ innovation for the next level.

Will I get feedback/ advice on my application?

Unfortunately, considering the volume of applications we will receive, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on each submission. If you make it to the INSPIRETECHATHON'23  rounds you will receive mentoring and guidance from our mentors.

Can we edit our application after submission?

An application cannot be edited once submitted.